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Athens: Satisfied Commuter sends pizza delivery to Bus Drivers

A pleasant surprise for  bus drivers of  city line <608>:  a satisfied commuter keeps sending pizza delivery to the drivers to express his or her gratitude for the service they offer on a daily basis.

The bus of line <608> had just arrived at its end station at the cemetery of Zografou suburb of Athens, when a delivery boy came rushing holding a pizza box. He approaches the bus driver who tells he hasn’t gave an order.

“I know,” the delivery boy says ” the pizza has been ordered for by a satisfied commuter. He has done it before.”

In their blog, bus drivers thank the anonymous commuter and add that they hope to meet him or her one day.

“Amid all this discomfort, the traffic chaos, the poor working conditions there a moments when somebody’s actions make you proud of the profession you’re practicing and make you think that there are some people who acknowledge the difficulties of your profession,” the bus drivers said in a blog post.

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