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Middle-aged woman arrested for attacking babies in Athens Mall

Greek police has arrested a middle-aged woman who has repeatedly attacked babies in a Mall in Agios Dimitrios suburb of south Athens. The 55-year-old woman would approach mothers with babies and would hurt them by scratching their feet with either her nails or a sharp object.

The woman was arrested after several parents had complaint about their babies being injured in the last couple of days.

Evaluating victims information and material from security cameras, police was able to locate the woman on Thursday.

She reportedly told police that she was “innocent” and that she would never hurt babies because she “loves children.” She said also she had a family of her own.

However, several parents told media that the alleged perpetrator had injured babies also in the past. A mother told a private television channel, that a woman had slapped her baby on the face in the same Mall around a year ago.

The latest Mall incident occurred on July 10, when a mother checked on her 10-month-old crying baby to see that its feet were bleeding.  A woman had approached them and left before the mother could realize what happened.

The pictures of the injured baby feet were posted on social media.

Citing police source, media report that the woman would leave her home in Ano Liosia in West Athens, and head to the Mall where she would stroll around in search of her next victim.

She has being indicted for causing bodily harm to babies and for resisting arrest, both misdemeanor offenses.

She appeared before the court without lawyer on Thursday and again on Friday morning.  She rejected the charges saying she was in the Mall doing shopping. She complained that the police treated her badly.

According media, her husband told police that she lost her father a year ago and that she was not feeling well ever since.

The court ruled a psychiatric evaluation and the woman to taken to  the psychiatric facility of Dromokaiteio hospital in the Greek capital. According to latest media information, the doctors diagnosed “serious psychological problems” and that the woman need treatment in the facility.

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