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Several people injured, dozens trapped in wild fire in Penteli, East Attica

Several people suffered burning injuries and respiratory problems and dozens are trapped in the big wild fire on the mountain of Penteli in East Attica on Monday.  One fire fighter has been transferred to hospital with respiratory problems.

Dozens are reportedly trapped in the fire areas, among them are elderly and children.

Several people have called on television channels asking to be evacuated because they were trapped in the areas of the wild fire. According to preliminary reports, at least four people were transferred to hospitals, while another four or five were waiting for ambulances.

Speaking to Prime Time News of private ANT1 TV,  Mayor of Rafina Vaggelis Bournous spoke of “seriously injured citizens with extensive burns,” and expressed fear there were “deads.” He added that some 200 houses and an equal number of cars were damaged. A little earlier thought speaking to another channel, Alpha TV, Bournous had spoke of 100 damaged house and 200 cars.

A representative form the Civil Protection said he was not aware of dead citizens. He clarified though that he was aware of people injured from the flames or suffering from respiratory problems.

A woman called to ANT1 and two adults and two children were trapped and injured and were waiting for help. Another man called a little later to Ant1 and asked evacuation help as well.

A local said short before 9 pm that that dozens of people were trapped at the coast of Mati, among them an injured baby. The man said they could not leave on land because many vehicles burned, and huge traffic jam.

The Civil Protection said they try to organized public and private boats to evacuate the people.

The fire started in the forest near Kallitexnoupoli in North-East Athens in late Monday afternoon.

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The blaze spread quickly due to the gusty winds to the settlements and villages of Neos Voutzas, Mati, Nea Makri, Agios Andreas and Zoumperi, areas with many permanent residents but also many summer visitors, families with children who spend their summer there.

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All summer camps for children in the last two settlements were evacuated right after the fire started for precautionary reasons.

Flames have been seen on both sides of Marathonos motorway that leads from North Athens to the East coast.

More than 50 firefighters and 20 fire trucks operate in the area as well as aerial means. However, helicopters and Canadair operate until the last light of the day.

A wild fire has broke also in Kalamos in the same area.

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There are reports that the fire front has reached the town of Rafina in South-EastAttica.

The work of firefighters is particularly difficult due to the wind blowing with up to 8 Beaufort,  occasionally much higher with up to 10-11 Beaufort.

Meteorologist forecast that the wind will flaw up later at night.

The Regional government of Attica has declared both East and West Attica due to the huge fire in Kineta in “state of emergency”.

According to latest information, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has cancelled his program in Bosnia and returns to Athens due to the emergency situation.

sources: newsit, social media & others

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