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Attica wildfires info: Missing Pets and Found Pets with pictures

Several pets went missing in the wildfires in North-East Athens (East Attica). Owners and families are seeking for their pets on social media, others post pictures of pets that they have found.

Please, note that several volunteers are currently (24. July 2018) in Mati, Kokkino Limanaki and Neos Voutzas in order to provide aid to pets and animals

Phone numbers – mobiles: 6934396816 & 6945597792 (via

Here is a list of Missing and Found pets with pictures, short text – Phone number are obvious and I don’t need to add extra.


Found in Mati on July 24. Wears brown collar. Male. Is hospitalized with burn injuries in the paws.

Dog with broken chain found in Kokkino Limanaki, Mati.

No automatic alt text available.

Anyone missing this dog? Dog is in Kineta, at Idias and Yviskou Streets.



Cat missing in Mati. If you see her call: 6982835695

“Bijou” missing since 23. July. Was seen in Mati, Cafe Cavo. If you see her call phone number on the picture.

Female Dog “Julie” missing during the fire in Mati. Phone: 6932162791

“Bonnie” went missing in Mati

Image may contain: dog

Two dogs missing in Neos Voutzas

Image may contain: dogImage may contain: dog

Missing dog “Rimbo” in Kineta fire -West Attica – Geraneion area, near supermarket Syrkos and Panagista church.

Female dog missing in Rafina, East Attica. Phones: 6982977330, 6983745388

Female dog “Koukida” missing in Kokkino Limanaki, Rafina. Phone: 6985836806

Missing in Mati fire

Image may contain: text

Misisng in Mati

Image may contain: dog

The list can be updated anytime.

If you miss a pet or have found one in the wildfires you can send a picture & few data(place, name and other info at

Dog rescue in Kineta on Monday.

If you have found an injured animal or pet please, check here: Attica Fires: Found injured animal?

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