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Death toll in Athens wildfires increases to 76, number of missing …

Tuesday afternoon, the Greek Fire Service gave the latest data about the casualties in the Athens wildfires, in East Attica. In a short press briefing, the Fire Service representative gave the number of dead has increased to 74.

Early in the evening, rescue teams found two more bodies, increasing the number of dead to 76.

The number of injured is 164 adults and 23 children. Ten of the adults were in intensive care units in Athens hospitals.

Media report that 12 children have been released from the hospitals, while 11 remain hospitalized.

There is a total confusion about the number of missing. Unconfirmed information speak of 50 people, other claims of 100 missing.

Rescue teams continue search in settlements and villages on the coast of North-East Athens.

They go door to door or to what left from houses that have been burned down searching for people, hoping to find somebody alive.

But reality is harsh.

The blaze left behind nothing but ashes.

Incredibly high temperatures were developed in the inferno on Monday.

Reports speak of 1000 houses and 300 cars that were burned down.

Vessels of Greek Coast Guard continue along the coast from Rafina to Mati.

Navy and Coast Guard rescued more than 180 people form the sea. For some any help came two late. Two bodies were spotted floating 2 nautical miles off Loutsa/Artemida on Tuesday afternoon.

Firefighters rescued hundreds of people.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared a 3-day National Mourning for the victims.

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  1. When you hear of a reliable site/account where we can make donations to help the victims of these fires would you let us know please? We of course want to avoid the criminals who try to line their own pockets from disasters like this, and we want the money we donate to go to the victims and not the government!