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Irish couple on honeymoon caught up in Athens wildfires, husband missing

An Irish couple on their honeymoon in Greece have been caught up in the devastating wildfires that raged in East Attica, the summer resort coast North-West of Athens. The woman is hospitalized with  severe burns, while her husband remains missing still on Wednesday morning. The couple was staying in a hotel in Mati, one of the areas most hit by the wildfires.

The couple are understood to have been separated as they run out of their hotel to flee the blaze that broke out on Penteli mountain and soon moved to the coastal area late on Monday afternoon.

According to media reports, the couple got married last Thursday and flew to Athens for their honeymoon on Saturday. The bride had a strong interest in the Greek culture since her college days.

The couple, who live in Dublin, were reportedly travelling in a vehicle when they were forced to flee.

A source told media “It was a scene of total chaos. They were forced to flee from their hotel and into the inferno. They jumped into a passing car but the flames were raging on both sides.

“They were forced out of the vehicle and tried to make a run for it. In the smoke and the flames they became separated.”

The bride was able to escape to a nearby beach and was admitted to hospital on Tuesday night.

The bride, Zoe Holohan, has suffered burns to her hands and head and is reportedly recovering in a hospital in Athens.

Groom Brian O’ Callaghan remains missing, with relatives and friends to be very concerned about his fate.

The Department of Foreign Affairs told Irish media it would not be in a position to comment on the specifics of any Irish people caught up in the deadly fires but confirmed it was providing consular assistance to a number of people in Greece.

The Irish Travel Agents Association said the Mati area was not a major destination for Irish tourists but that anyone due to travel imminently to the region affected should speak to their travel company or accommodation provider.

Irish citizens affected by the fires or concerned about relatives in Greece can contact the Irish Embassy in Athens at +30 210 723 2771, or the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin at 01-408 2000, irishtimes reports.

Trapped in a sweeping inferno and a thick smog, hundreds of people flew to the beaches to escape the inferno, may jumped into the sea and started to swim away from the coast. But many did not make it. Death toll increased to 80 people on Wed morning, while dozens are still missing.

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  1. Please update us if you know more. It’s hard to read about something and then be left hanging. It would be nice if this also happened for missing children.
    This story is too tragic.