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Emergency situation in suburbs in North Athens

Emergenc yin several suburbs of North Athens. Local authorities urge citizens in Marousi, Vrilissia and Chalandri to stay in their homes.

In some streets the water has reached a depth of one meter, locals say on social media.

The Fire Service has received more than 140 calls, many by motorists trapped in the water on several streets in the area.

There was hardly any motorist in the parking, though.

Mayor of Marousi, Giorgos Patoulis, told media that what the pictures show is a flooded stream in the area.

Many wonder on social media, whether these are flash floods that hit Marousi.

Basements of homes and businesses have been flooded as well.

A friend living in a suburb nearby said that the rain lasted about half an hour but it was incredible powerful.

“It was as if huge water pipes were pouring water on the apartment,” she said.

According to latest media information, the pictures are from an open parking in the area. According to some locals, the parking was built on a stream that was diverted underground.

In other areas flooded are:

  • bridge Erymanthos in Kifissia
  • side road of Athens-Lamia highway at the height of Nea Erythraia.

Traffic has been halted in certain areas.

Floods after the wildfires in Athens is not good news.


03:10 pm

Around 200 cars are in the parking space.

Firefighters pump water and check car by car whether motorists are inside.

03:20 pm

Speaking to Skai TV short after 3:00 pm, Deputy Regional Governor Giorgos Karamenos urged citizens to remain in their homes and do not go outside.

06:30 pm

The situation in the affected areas has returned to normal.

Roads are open to traffic again.

No reports of human injuries.

The Fire Service has received more than 200 calls to pump water.

The parking has been cleared from water and this is what is left behind.


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