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Blood Moon rises over Greece – Amazing pictures and video

Blood Moon and lunar eclipse on 27. July 2018. A magnificent full moon rose from the east and put its spell on millions of people on the Earth.

A so-called Blood Moon because the light of the Sun goes through the Earth atmosphere as it tries to reach the Moon. The earth atmosphere turns the moon red as it turns the sun at sunset under specific weather conditions.

The Blood Moon was visible in Europe, Middle East and Africa from sunset to midnight.

From midnight to dawn July 28, the Blood Moon was visible in large parts of Asia and Australia.

The full moon on 27. July 2018 was accompanied by a lunar eclipse .

Blood Moon over Poseidon Temple in Cape Sounion

via reuters, if I’m not wrong.

Ancient God Apollo plays with the moon.

Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse over Nafplio

via argolikeseidiseis

Video via argolikeseidiseis

Blood Moon over Trikala

via trikalazoom

The total eclipse was allegedly the biggest in the 21. century.

You can see more amazing pictures of the Blood Moon by clicking the local media links above.

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