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Very High Risk of Fires in Attica and islands Aug 3rd, says Civil Protection

Greece’s Civil Protection has issued one more fires risk warning for Friday, August 3nd 2018. For several regions in Greece there is Very High Risk (Level 4) and High Risk (Level 3), the Civil Protection notes.

At Very High and High Risk of fires are the islands in the North, Central and East Aegean Sea as well as the East of Crete, the Attica region, the south of  Evia and the south of Sporades island group.



Very High Risk of Fire for Attica prefecture, especially East Attica, Evia, Skopelos (Sporades island group) North Aegean islands Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Ikaria.

or regions marked with Yellow, there is High Risk for Fires (Level 3). Blue marks regions with Medium Risk and Green with Low Risk.

“In areas with lightning striking in forests and forest areas the risk increases,” the Civil Protection stresses.

Wind in large parts of the Aegean are forecast to be blowing on Friday, August 3nd, with an average intensity of 6 to 7 Beaufort, locally and at times with up to 8 and even 9 Beaufort.




































The Civil Protection recommends that citizens be very careful and avoid acts outdoors that can cause fire by negligence, such as throwing lit cigarettes, burning dry grasses and branches or cleaning residues, using sparking machines such as circular saws, welding devices, the use of outdoor grills etc.

The Civil Protections reminds that setting fields on fire is prohibited during the “anti-fire season” in the summer months.

In the event of a fire, citizens should immediately notify the Fire Service by calling number <199>.

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