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Matted dog Loukoumakis rescued in Athens wildfires seeks forever home

Loukoumakis is the dog that survived the hell in Athens wildfires and his story touched millions of people in Greece and around the world. One can hardly recognize that the small vivid dog is the same who was found a week ago in an outdoor oven in an desperate situation: matted and superficially burned fur, starving and scared.

The white poodle-mix, estimated between 4 and 5 years old, touched millions of people not only in Greece but worldwide.

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Following his rescue, the dog was taken to a vet’s clinic, received first aid and treatment, a microchip and a good grooming.

The dog was ready for a new home.



He spent a couple of days in a foster home waiting for a new family. It seems that he was spending his days as a stray before the fires.

On Wednesday, the good news: Loukoumakis – little delight, as volunteer Artemis Kyriakopoulou who found and rescued him named him – had found a home.

He was adopted with all necessary documents and moved out the foster home to start a new life.

A day later the bad news: The family who adopted him called the volunteers to say they wanted to give him back because he was “still scared and reacted heavily.”

The dog is still in shock and needs time to adjust in the new environment and accept his new family,” Artemis Kyriakopoulou posted on Thursday afternoon.

If you want to adopt Loukoumakis please call Mrs Elena +30 695 522 1142 (via A. Kyriakopoulou).

His “brother” the dog who was found nearby at the home entrance was reunited with his owners, notes.

Hundreds of cats and dogs were rescued in the Athens wildfires, both in eats and West Attica on 23. July 2018.

Some were reunited with their families.

Others did not because the owners died in the fires, because the owners did not check with the lists “Missisng – Found pets in wildfires” posted on social media.

Others are free for adoption because the owners cannot afford them anymore. Like the case of a 7-year-old German Shepherd. His owner lost everything in the fires and said he cannot afford him anymore neither to come up for his treatment.

The German Sheperd was adopted notes Dog’s Voice in a comment although there is no separate post about the adoption.

All pets seek loving forever homes and some also foster homes to start a new life.

Please check with the following pages on social media for pets that have survived the wildfires and seek a forever home.

Animal Welfare in the area
PEGASOS animals welfare Pikermi-Rafina
Marathonas animal welfare
SCARS animal rescue


Hundreds of volunteers keep searching in the fire-stricken areas fro injured pets; some of the rescues need long term treatment.

If you want to help with a donation, not matter how small or big, please, click here.

The number of pets and wildlife perished in the flames is unknown. And will remain unknown….

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