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Four people drown on a single day in Greece’s seas, seven since month begin

Drowning in the Greek seas is almost daily during the summer and four people lost their lives on a single day. The bodies of two Greeks and two foreigners were recovered on Friday, August 3rd 2018, in separate incidents on the islands of Rhodes and Crete as well in south Peloponnese.

Two tourists aged 59 and 44 and a 76-year-old Greek were drowned in Faliraki, Rhodes, in Skaleta by Rethymon, Crete and Salamina in the Saronic Gulf.

The bodies were transferred to the hospitals where doctors could only confirm their death.

The nationality of the tourists is not known.

In another incident on Friday evening, the body of  74-year-old Greek was recovered from the sea area in Zacharo, Ileia, Peloponnese. However, for this incident, the Coast Guard investigates, media report without giving further details.

Another three people lost their lives in the sea in several regions of Greece since the beginning of August.

Dozens of people loses their lives every year in the seas across Greece.

According to a report beginning of July, 70 people were drowned in the first six months of 2018.

283 people were drowned in 2017.

Majority of reasons is negligence, not following safety instructions for swimming or lack of swimming knowledge.

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