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“I feel the tragedy pain but …Greece exits the bailout agreement” says deputy

Deputy Defense Minister Fotis Koyvelis stunned Greeks and triggered also an outrage on social media with a controversial statement linking the deadly Athens wildfires with the exit from the bailout program.

In an interview with state broadcaster ERT TV, Kouvelis said he is aware of the tragedy but this cannot invalidate the success that Greece exits the bailout programs on August 21.

“I understand perfectly that people’s lives have blackened with what happened in Mati, and without wishing to settle the situation, but the is a big even on August 21, the country is emerging from years eight of bailout agreements,” Kouvelis said.

“Is it possible that the dead in the wildfires are compared the bailout exit?” a Greek internet user commented.

“This is a performance of unprecedented arrogance,” another commented.

“It’s like the grandpa who demands the dessert while the whole family had a huge argument around the Sunday table,” one commented.

A big number of commenters swore at the country’s Left and many blamed Kouvelis for the 3. bailout, although he was not part of the government in summer 2015.

Others stressed the Left-wing government lives in a bubble.


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