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Death toll in Athens wildfires rises to 93, victims list goes public

A 78-year-old victim of the Athens wildfires died in the Sismanogleio hospital in the Greek capital on Thursday morning, increasing the death toll to 93. The woman not in intensive care unit, however, she had serious health problems in addition to the fire injuries.The woman is the tenth victim to die in the hospital.

According to state broadcaster ERT TV, 34 fire victims remain in the hospitals, 6 of them are intubated and in intensive care units.

According to a press release issued by the Fire Service late on Wednesday, the death toll had suddenly rose to 92.

“For the time being there are 81 identified dead and two remain unidentified,” the statement said.

Two bodies found in the fire affected areas have not identified as they have not been sought by their relatives. DNA samples were available

Nine people have died in the hospitals, the statement added.

The Fire Service did not explain how the death toll rose from 91 on August 6..

The Greek government has often came under fire for not disclosing accurate information about the number of casualties in the Athens wildfires, leading to confusing  figures. there have been several blames that the government was trying to hide the number of dead.

The List of Tragedy

More than two weeks after the tragedy,  the General Secretariat of the Civil Protection released the list of the people who lost their lives in the fires, either on the spot or in the hospitals.

The list includes the names of 11 children, 44 women and 35 men and the two unidentified bodies whose sex is not given.

The youngest victim is the 6-month-old baby of a firefighter who also lost his wife while he was trying to extinguish the blaze.

Among the children who fell victim to the deadly fires are two twin couples, aged nine and five, and a  9-year-old boy from Poland.

With exception of  a man from Belgium, the newly wed from Ireland and the mother of the boy from Poland, all other victims are Greeks.


The list with the victims was to be obtained after written request, by Thursday noon is on all mainstream media and news websites.


Prosecutor’s investigation about the reasons and possible operational mistakes that led to the unprecedented tragedy continues with testimonies by high- and low ranking members of  Fire Service, Police and other institutions involved as well as by victims’ relatives.

Meanwhile, investigation conducted by the Fire Service seems to come to the conclusion that the deadly fire that started in Daou on Penteli Mountain on 23. July was caused by negligence when a local set branches on fire.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras replaced the chiefs of Fire Service and Police on Sunday. The replacement followed the resignation of Civil Protection Minister Nikos Toskas and the General Secretary of the Civil Protection that was practically absent all this time.

Apart of the gusty wind blowing on 23. July with the effect that the blaze was speed very quickly, investigation focuses of possible grave operational mistakes that led to the death of so many people.

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