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Wildfire fire on Evia largely under control at Monday noon

The wildfire on Evia is largely under control as there is no fire front, however, it remains in progress with scattered fireplaces, Greece’s Fire Service announced Monday noon.

All thought the night the fire service was operating in the area and managed to limit the big fire fronts.

Fire firefighters and vehicles from Attica, Stera, Epirus, Western and Central Macedonia were deployed in the area.

The fire seems to be still active North and North East from Kontodepoti village.

The area has been declared in Emergency Need of Civil Protection.

More than 12,000 acres of forest have been burned down and and several olive groves, bee hives  and a few farmer houses.

Some 500 people were evacuated from the villages of Kontodepoti and Stavros, a summer camp nearby as well as a monastery on Sunday.

The fire broke out short before 3:30 Sunday afternoon and spread quickly due to the strong wind.

Video: Pilot fire simulation. WRF-SFIRE system forecast the spread of fire form 4:30 pm Sunday until 3:00 pm Monday without taking into consideration the efforts of the Fire Service.

The island of Evia, some 60 km North-East of Attica, remains on the list of regions at Very high Risk of Fires also on Monday, so the Civil Protection.

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