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UPD 2000 migrants to return to Greece as Athens Berlin reach agreement

Berlin and Athens have reached an agreement that will allow Germany to return asylum seekers to Greece, a German Interior Ministry spokesperson said on Friday.

The agreement will extend to asylum seekers registered in the Eurodac system the spokesperson said.

“We have reached an agreement with Greece, the interior ministries have reached an agreement, we are on the verge to complete it,” spokesperson Eleonore  Petermann said adding “only the final exchange of documents is pending.” Signature of the agreement is a matter of hours or of just a couple of days,” she said.

She stressed that details of the agreement will be made public after it is signed.
According to media, 2,000 asylum seekers are expected to return to Greece. At the same time, Germany has reportedly agreed to accept migrants in the context of families reunification.
The Greek government seems reassuring that the number of migrants  in Greece will not drastically change with this agreement.
Friday evening Migration Minister Dimitris Vitsas revealed some details of the agreement.
  • The deal foresees that Germany will be able to return to Greece any adult refugee spotted on its border with Austria after 1. July 2017, if that person has applied for asylum in Greece.
  • Greece has the right to reject the return if it does not comply with the bilateral agreement (Administrative Arrangement)
  • In return, Germany has agreed to complete by the end of the year the family reunifications which has accepted within the Dublin Treaty until now but has frozen their implementation. Estimated number: 2,000.
  • Berlin will also take initiatives to support the reception centers Greece operates on five of its islands.
  • The two countries will review the Administrative Arrangement every three months with the option of reconsideration.
Petermann said that the German Interior Ministry is expecting a similar agreement to be reached with Italy and added that negotiations are “far advanced.”
The agreement with Greece and also with Spain follow immense pressure by arch-conservative interior minister Horst Seehofer from Bavarian CSU to Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Will the return of a few thousands migrants will solve the problem of CSU and help it win towards the far-right and anti-migration AfD?
What a German comedy!
The overwhelmed  by the migration crisis European South comes to save Merkel. That’s EU solidarity, I suppose…

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