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Skiathos: Campaign to protect famous Lalaria Beach and its unique pebbles

Famous Lalaria beach and its unique round pebbles on the island of Skiathos are at risk due to the human factor. A campaign by the local cultural organization aims to preserve the exquisite landscape of one of  the most beautiful beaches on the island of Skiathos and the whole Greece.

In cooperation with the Port Authorities, the Cultural Association of Skiathos launched the campaign  “Take a Picture, not a Pebble – Save Lalaria Beach.”

The unique pebbles – ‘lalaria’ in the local dialect – are formed only on this particular beach and its centuries-old beauty is at risk due to the human factor.

Visitors love to take lalaria pebble from the beach as a souvenir from a once in a life time   experience.

“Evidence has been found that the deterioration of the unique landscape, is to a certain degree not because of erosion,” the cultural association writes on its website and its page on Facebook.
The alteration of the landscape has been noticeable in the last ten years and is up to a certain degree irreversible.
The protection of the beach is considered as necessary in order to maintain at least the present condition without further deterioration, the association said.
The beach in the north-east of Skiathos is accessible only by boat.
Port authorities on Skiathos support the campaign and in a plague warns visitors from removing pebble or stones from Lalaria beach.
Visitors as well as owners of tourist boats and vessels are at risk to be fined with with 400 or even up to 1000 euros if they don’t comply with the directive to protect a landscape that causes .
Efforts to start the initiative for the protection of Lalaria Beach were first initiated in 2014.

With every pebble that disappeared, the Cultural Association and the Port Authorities on Skiathos took one more step towards materialization of the protection plan.


It looks as if a couple of days ago, the measures to protect Lalaria Beach have become a real fact: campaign plagues have been installed at every touristic boat that sails to the famous beach.

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