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Demolitions of burned down houses begin in East Attica

Bulldozers started to demolish houses in East Attica on Monday, almost a motnh after the deadly wildfires.  Three houses in Kokkino Limanaki and one in Mati are the first to fall. The houses do not belong to the category of “illegal buildings.”

They are houses that have been characterized as “uninhabitable” by the team of state controllers and engineers.

They have been burned down and demolition is the only solution.

The demolition is taking place with the owners’ permission.

At the same time,  special teams remove chimneys  and other material that can been considered as posing a risk to human health like the asbestos does.

Works to clean the area where necessary continue in the next days.

Transportation Minister Christos Spirtzis said there were 49 protocols to demolish burned houses.

Next month, the government plans to proceed with the demolition of illegal buildings and constructions.

On Monday afternoon, a few dozens of residents from Mati, Rafina and other fire-stricken areas in East Attica gathered outside the Greek Parliament.

They demanded full compensation of all fire-stricken residents without terms and conditions as well as measures against wildfires and floods.

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