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Skiathos: Child injured after being “blown away” while watching plane take off

A child suffered extensive injuries after it was “blown away” by an airplane that was about to take off from “Alexandros Papadiamantis” airport on the island of Skiathos.

The child aged between 10 and 11 was outside the airport together with his father in the area where locals and tourists gathered to normally watch and film the airplanes lading over their heads.

The boy was just a few steps away behind the plane that was on the airfield and was preparing to take off.

The gasses released by the airplane and the heat wave literally blew a couple of meters away the child that suffered injuries on several parts of his body.

It was rushed with an ambulance to the health center of Skiathos where it received first aid. IT was then transferred to the Hospital in Volos through the sea way.

The  Greek-German boy was on summer holidays in Skiathos.

Unfortunately, it was an accident that sooner or later was going to happen and the issue needs to be addressed by those responsible who need to take immediate action and necessary measures,” local media evolos writes.

Skiathos Airport is considered as one of the craziest airports in Europe and it` s always amazing to watch the airplanes land on this small airstrip. Arriving planes have to fly over a small street at the end of the runway and the biggest airplane which is allowed to land at Skiathos is a Boeing 757. The runway only has a length of 1800 meters.

Low Landings and Jet blast of departing and arriving aircraft can be a hazard to people or other unsecured objects.

Last year, a British tourist was also blown away while he was filming the taking off of an airplane.  The man was much to close and did not follow the “safety guidelines.” He was knocked to the ground by the jet blast.

Thumbnail picture is from an older Skiathos airport video.

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  1. And yet again, we are going to protect the lowest common denominator. Too bad you can’t put a tax on stupid. I feel sorry for the kid, angry at the father. I guess the big sign that’s there is just not enough. There’s been a rash of these “stupid tricks” this year. Somehow, they get what they deserve – although not this young boy.

  2. These people are crazy to stand there, we’ve all done it, ….. from a safe distance. What were the child’s parents thinking of!! I hope he makes a good recovery.

  3. It is ridiculous that every tourist island/point has to have an airport, with direct connections to London, and Berlin naturally. Everyone today wants to be “instantly” at their destination. Thus most probably couldn’t even point it out on a map. Can’t take a boat, bus, train or drive small distances. Collective insanity.

  4. Why not build an airport on Anafi also? Great idea. Then those impatient tourists fixed on their iphones won’t have to take that slow boat from Santorini.