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Corfu wildfire partially under control, village evacuated

The wildfire on the island of Corfu was partially taken under control on Thursday evening. Fire Service and volunteers keep fighting against the flames as there are revivals.

Some 110 people from the village Rahtades were earlier evacuated as a preventive measure.

The fire broke out in a difficult to access forest area in the North-West of the island early in the afternoon.

The Fire Service was mobilized with 16 firefighters, 7 fire trucks and 5 aerial means, that fly only during the daytime.

No home or business place suffered any damage but the damage in the forest is immense, writes

Late on Thursday the residents of the village returned to their homes.

The main road in the area has been open again to traffic.

Locals suspect arsonists at work.

The wildfire on Corfu was not the only one during the day.

A fire broke out in area Kanakia on the island of Salamina in the Saronic Gulf  also on Thursday afternoon. A boy scouts’ summer camp was evacuated.

Another fire broke out also in the afternoon on the borders between the prefectures of Chania and Heraklio on the island of Crete. It was later taken under control.

The Fire Service had to intervene in 24 wildfires across the country  from 6 am until 6 pm on Thursday.

Wildfires are a plaque for Greece in summer time. Causes are often arson and negligence.

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