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Racist ranter Catzavelos should be prosecuted in Greece, say SA lawyers

Racist ranter Adam Catzavelos has apparently not dared to return to his home in South Africa yet. He has no “immediate plans” to return to South Africa his father told south-African media on Sunday. The 39-year-old Johannesburg entrepreneur Adam Catzavelos of Greek origin is apparently fearing persecution and retaliation if he returns home.SA lawyers say he can only persecuted in Greece according to anti-Racism Law.

Last week he triggered an outrage and became the Number One Social Outcast, when he posted a video on social media from a Greek beach. He expressed his joy that there was not a “single k****r in sight” on the Greek beach where he was on vacation.

In his video he was heard saying ““Let me give you a weather forecast here; blue skies, beautiful day, amazing sea and not one k****r in sight. F****** heaven on earth.”

“All I can say is that the whole storm has changed our families’ lives for the worse, in a blink of an eye,” his father George Catzavelos who together with his family runs two restaurants in Johanesbourg.” All of a sudden, we are all lepers. Nobody wants to be associated with us, and our family business is ruined. We had to permanently close our doors.”

Following Catzavelos’ racist remarks the family business, St George’s Fine Foods and a second restaurant saw a number of companies they worked with terminate their contracts, while customers remained away.

The racist renter  issued a statement on Friday in which he apologized for his “unfortunate video”. He said that he loves South Africa and is “proud to have lived in such a beautiful and diverse country”.

“I don’t expect people to forgive me, but will spend the rest of my life repenting and trying to make up for my total lack of respect and judgement.  I have insulted so many people. I am not proud,” he said among others.

His brother, Nick, said in a press statement, released on behalf of the family business, that the video was “offensive”, and he distanced the family from his brother’s comments. He said Adam had been summarily dismissed.

Local organizations like the Economic Freedom Fighters laid a criminal charge of racism against Catzavelos at the Bramley Police Station in Johannesburg and on Friday marched on his home in Edenvale.

While several groups demand Catzavelos persecution, local lawyers claim that he can only persecuted in Greece.

A Greek anti-racism bill would be the key to prosecuting Adam Catzavelos, according to a Durban attorney.

Attorney Tashya Giyapersad emphasised that Catzavelos may only be prosecuted along those lines in Greece.

Prominent criminal lawyer, advocate Zola Majavu, said it would be a long shot to prosecute Catzavelos in South Africa. “The offence was committed in a foreign country so you can’t prosecute him here unless it’s also an offence where he recorded the video. Then you can have him extradited.”

So far there has been no reaction by Greece on the issue.

I suppose, South-African must take action first.

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  1. apartheid was over in late nineties XX century, now he is 2018, he was born in 1979, so, he grew up in the atmosphere to hate everyone, who is not white.