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And There was Light! Power fully restored on Hydra island

Power supply on the island of Hydra has been fully restored 34 hours after a black out paralyzed the touristic destination in the Saronic Gulf and brought locals and visitors on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The power outage occurred at 5:30 on Sunday morning (August 26 2018). The island suffered also a problem with the water supply as the desalination system works on electricity.

Power on the island of Hydra has been fully restored as of  3:10 on Monday afternoon, grid operator the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DEDDIE) said in a statement.

The technical crew had restored a fault in the medium voltage network on the island and activated the supplementary cable that connects the Hydra electricity network with the Greek mainland through an underwater cable.

Repairs on the main cable are ongoing, while the island has been provided with portable generators as well, the statement added.

For one more time, DEDDIE apologized to the island residents and tourists for the inconvenience.

The island was declared in state of emergency in the early morning hours of Monday.  The Greek Navy sent water tankers and generators to help locals and tourists.

The black out on Hydra occured just four days after a black out left thousands of people in Greek capital Athens and the broader Attica Prefecture without electricity for several hours, triggered a traffic chaos, halted the metro and the tram operation and had dozens trapped in elevators. The PPC said there was a problem in the Center of the Very High Voltage in Pallini, East Attica.

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