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Ferry evacuated from firefighters and crew due to sharp leaning

Small fires are burning inside garage of ferry Eleftherios Venizelos of ANEK shipping company still on Friday morning. An order to temporary evacuate the ferry from firefighters and crew was given around 11:15 a.m. as the vessel suddenly leaned to the right by 7 degrees.

According to information of Athens news agency amna, the leaning was caused by the movement of fire extinction water due to disembarkation of vehicles at the dock of the port of Piraeus.

Efforts are underway to empty waters out of the ferry and have it again in upright position.

State broadcaster ERT Tv reported that holes are to be opened on the right side of the vessel.

Tug boats are assisting the procedure.

According to private ANT1 TV, the leaning reached 9 degrees but slowly the ferry returned to 5-6 degrees position. The private TV said that firefighters have not reached the vehicle where the fire broke out yet, due to small fires still burning products.

The ferry slowly started to return to upright position after 3 0’clock in the afternoon.

The fire broke out short before Tuesday midnight while the Eleftherios Venizelos was sailing from Piraeus to Chania. Preparations were made to evacuate the ship at open sea, but ultimately the ferry returned to the port of Piraeus where 875 passengers and most of the 140-member crew were safely disembarked.

The fire broke out in garage No 3 for reason unknown the moment.

According to ERT, the ferry transported 90 trucks and 160 vehicles and cars.

Efforts to extinguish the fire are not easy due to the narrow space of the involved garage.

On Thursday, several trucks, private cars and touristic buses disembarked and fire fighters would record significant progress in the fire extinction, it was largely taken under control and the smoke was visibly much less.

75 vehicles are out of the ferry, two completely destroyed.

The vessel had was leaning to the left at 6 degrees.

However, small fires revived over night, state broadcaster ERT reported on Friday morning.

A high-ranking officer of the Piraeus Port management told amna, that there was no option for the ferry to be moved outside the port. On Wednesday, media reported the OLP management wanted the ferry outside the port for safety reasons.

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