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Authorities investigate death of Australian Sinead McNamara on yacht in Greece

A veil of mystery covers the sudden and unexpected death of 20-year-old Australian instagram model and social media influencer Sinead McNamara. The young woman had died while she was working as crew member on a luxury yacht anchored off the port of Argostoli on the island of Kefalonia. “She had committed suicide, but she was still alive when she was found,” local media report. They add that authorities have ordered investigation onto the circumstances of McNamara’s death.

“I have unfortunately received the worst news of my life, (Sinead) has passed away,” her brother Jake McNamara said, as her mother had already boarded on a plane to Greece, Australian media reported on Saturday.

UK’s Daily Mail reported that Ms McNamara had been working on yachts while travelling in Europe.

She “died in Greece, reason of death unknown,” Australian and UK media reported on Saturday morning

“Just five days ago on Facebook, Ms McNamara posted a selection of photos with her big sister Lauren, writing “happy birthday to the most amazing big sister I could ever ask for, 5 days till I get to see you!!! Excitement is an understatement.” writes.

Sinead Mcnamara last posted on instagram, four days ago from Komitata, Kefalonia.

According to local media from the island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea, “the twenty year old Australian national” was found to have committed suicide on the luxury yacht Mayan Queen IV  where she was working.

The luxurious $140-million and 92-meter long engine yacht belongs to Mexican billionaire Alberto Baillères.

Sinead McNamara was reportedly still alive when she was found although in coma. She passed away during the transport from the island to a private hospital in Greek capital Athens.

“Local port authorities were informed at 2 o’ clock Friday morning that the body of the woman was found hanging from a rope outside the yacht,” local media report.

Members of the port authorities, the crew and a doctor took the woman on board and “tried for long time to bring her back. But the woman was in coma and had injuries around the neck probably caused by the rope.

An ambulance was called to trasnfer her to the hospital in Argostoli.

Once in the hospital, doctors intubated her and conducted all necessary examinations with the aim to bring her back form coma.

Finally, the doctors decided that the woman had to be transferred to a hospital in Athens. Early afternoon Friday a medical helicopter took off with the woman for the Greek capital.

However, the young woman passed away during the flight.

The Coast Guard of Kefalonia has ordered an investigation into the circumstances that led to the death of the 20-year-old Australian national as well as an autopsy-necropsy.

Yacht Mayan Queen that was scheduled to sail off tomorrow Sunday, has been order to remain off the port until investigation and testimonies from the crew have been completed.

It should be noted that the owner had left Kefalonia last Tuesday and on board of Mayan Queen was only the crew, Kefaloniamantata writes.

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