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Ex ENERGA Floros back in prison over doubts about medical certification

Former Executive of private power supplier ENERGA Aristidis Floros was arrested again on Friday night and is heading back to prison in Halkida on Saturday. The 39-year-old entrepreneur was released from prison on Aug 24, submitting a medical document asserting  him 67 percent disability and triggered an outcry on media and the society.

An emergency council of appeals court judges in Halkida, Evia, ordered the arrest late on Friday night of Aristides Floros after a summons from a Supreme Court prosecutor in Athens calling for a complete re-examination of the medical documentation the convict submitted to secure his release just 36 months into his 21-year sentence.

He was arrested at his home in Glyfada suburb of south Athens.

Aristides Floros was convicted to 21 years in prison in February 2017 for embezzlement, smuggling and money laundering over the Energa power company scandal, as well as to another 13 years in 2014 for ordering an assassination attempt against a lawyer.

Floros’s release request had been examined by a deputy prosecutor at the Supreme Court and was reportedly found to be ” vague, ambiguous and not scientifically convincing.”

The medical documentation certifies Floros is suffering from depression, epilepsy seizures and apnoea. All three medical conditions secure him cumulatively 67% invalidity which the the right limit of disability that would allow his release under the law.

An order for a complete re-examination was issued on Friday morning, prompting the emergency council of judges.

Later on Friday, a doctor whose signature appears on one of the certificates explaining why Floros allegedly suffered from apnoea claimed that it had been forged and that she never examined him.

Also a second doctor said that he has nothing to do with the case and that his signature was forged.

At the same time, in a letter to judicial authorities of Halkida, the General Administrator of Evaggelismos Hospital  in Athens reportedly questioned the authenticity of the medical certificate saying that the stamp was “non-existent.”

According to the hospital’s manager, the report does not bear the “signature of the scientist in charge of the Sleep Study Laboratory or the Professor of the Clinical Intensive Care Professor” of the hospital, whereas “there is no medical opinion – certification for KEPA [committee for invalidity certification] signed by the scientific officer of the Sleep Study Laboratory Sleep or  the professor in charge of the Clinical Intensive.”.

With indications hinting that the medical documentation may be false, the office of Greece’s Corruption Prosecutor has been assigned to investigate and identify any responsibilities of  government officials and state doctors who issued the health certificate for Floros.

The Corruption Prosecution’s Office will investigate possible responsibilities for committing offenses such as “false medical certificate”, “abetting on false medical certificate”, “false referral to the authority” (ie of the Halkida Judicial Council which approved the release request), “active bribery to a degree of felony”  against Floros and “passive bribery to a degree of felony” against doctors.

The Medical Association in Athens announced it is awaiting evidence about Floros’ medical certificates saying it will immediately launch disciplinary procedures against its members if the claims that they were involved in forged certifications are proven.

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