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Corfu court clears man who poured petrol on dog, scraps €30K fine

The three-member Misdemeanor Court on the island of Corfu found that the man who poured petrol oil on a dog was innocent and therefore scrapped also the 30,000 euros administrative fine imposed by police.

The 62-year-old man appeared in court on Friday with “good intentions” and provided a paper by a local veterinarian saying that the man had visited him to buy an anti-flee drug. Because it was expensive the man in whose care the dog was did not buy it, the paper confirmed.

The man reportedly went to a fuel station instead and bought petrol oil to get rid of the dog’s flees.

On legal terms, the man could prove that he had “good intentions.”

The court ruling found the man innocent of grounds of “absence of  wilful misconduct.”

The court prosecutor had demanded that the man gets convicted.

The court also scrapped the administrative fine of 30,000 euros that was imposed by police.

The man was arrested on Wednesday and the fine was imposed after locals in Solari village spotted the dog tied at a power column under the boiling sun.

The animal was suffering and was obviously sick after it was left in the sun for at least three hours and his petrol oil poured on his fur.

According to animal welfare website zoosos, the man was initially claiming to his friends that he was not aware there was an anti-flee  for dogs.

The 6-year-old dog belonged to a relative of the man and he was taking care of him.

After the incident, the dog was taken to a veterinarian and a grooming salon. He was bathed and shaved and was adopted right away after animal lovers started  a campaign to save the animal and find a loving forever home for him.

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