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Coroner speaks of Sinead McNamara “suicide”, yet everything open until…

All clues lead Greek authorities to suspect that 20-year-old Australian instagram model Sinead McNamara committed suicide. However, the investigation is not completed until the toxicological laboratory results are out. Many wonder what led the young woman on her last day of work on board of luxury yacht Mayan Queen IV moored off the island of Kefalonia to take her own life.

Coroner Ilias Bogiokas who conducted an autopsy on the body of Sinead McNamara told several Greek media on Tuesday that he is awaiting the results of the toxicological  tests to exclude that the woman was not under substances when she committed suicide.

“Everything is open until the laboratory tests are out,” he told Greek media. He added that somebody may have given her something.

He confirmed though that the cause of death was the hanging and that the body did not had any injuries.

We need to see if she had taken medication, or alcohol or something else. If she was given something.  If someone had given her something and brought her to this situation [to commit suicide,” Bogiokas said.

Sinead Mcnamara was found hanging off the back of the luxury yacht Mayan Queen IV of Mexican billionaire Alberto Baillères in the early morning hours of Friday, August 31.

She was was reportedly still alive when she was found although she had fallen into coma. She passed away during the transport from the island to a private hospital in Greek capital Athens.

We are talking about suicide. Now, if there was some argument, something ugly, it still needs to be proven. I have done all possible tests, toxicological and histological, I have pictures,” Coroner Bogiokas added.

The coroner dismissed claims by Australian and UK media that he had advises Sinead’s relatives to take a look at the body because it was in bad condition..

The body is in good condition and all what journalists claim is not true. Will you forbid a relative to take a look at the beloved one? We keep the bodies in the morgue, we put them in a special chamber that we keep clean so that relatives can come and cry and pay farewell to their beloved ones,” he said.

The results of the laboratory tests are expected in about a month.

Sinead McNamara’s body has been received by the personnel of the Australian Embassy in Athens.

Other media report that the instagram model and social media influencer did not leave any suicide note.

The Greek Coast Guard in Argostoli, Kefalonia, has reportedly video from CCTV security cameras on the yacht. The footage that has a duration of just a few minutes reportedly shows the last moment of Sinead McNamara. Authorities have also questioned members of Mayan Queen IV crew, are investigating her communications and her text messages.

It is most likely that the woman committed suicide.

However, the investigation has yet to be completed.

Many wonder what brought the young woman who seemed full of life to take her own life.

Members of the crew have reportedly told police that she had a broken relationship and had told them about it short before her death.

It was Mcnamara’s last day on the yacht where she worked for four months as a stewardess. She was to meet her mother and sister who were traveling for Greece for a family vacation.

They were on a flight to the country when they learned about the tragic death.

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