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Doctor admits forgery of disability certification for convict Floros, denies bribe

This could possibly be a case of  “filotimo” the Greek word that cannot be translated in other languages. A doctor admitted to have forged a disability certification for a convict to be released from prison. However, he denied that he received any bribe in order to do so.

In a lengthy testimony to investigating prosecutors, the doctor admitted to have illegally increased the invalidity percentage for former ENERGA executive Aristidis Floros so that the 39-year-old convict comes early out of prison.

The doctor denied that he was bribed.

“Ι had no financial motive, ” the doctor reportedly told investigators.

” I got pity with him…. ” he said, according to state broadcaster ERT TV.

  • What is Filotimo? Filotimo is a complex of values best understood as ones responsibility to himself as a human being to always act in accordance with righteousness and honor. And no pity interests like financial profit or so….

The man whose name has not been published was involved into certifying to Floros a severe percentage of the sleep disorder apnoea, the temporary cessation of breathing  during sleep that can be dangerous for the patient under certain circumstances.

The chief doctor of the Sleeping Lab at Evaggelismos state hospital in Athens, told daily ta nea, that the examination of Floros showed that he had “27 insufficient breathing hypopnoes per hour.”

However, the forged document certified “62 hypopnoes per hour.”

During sleep in patients who are suffering from sleep apnea, these events can occur up to 20–30 times per hour, every night.

According to  media, the involved doctor haδ used the lab test of another patient.

The doctor voluntarily turned to the  Corruption Prosecutor on Tuesday, however, he was quickly considered as “suspect” and testified under this status.

After the testimony, the doctor was taken to his home in the company of law enforcement personnel who conducted search and seized several documents.

The sleep disorder was just one of the certified disabilities for Aristidis Floros, next to depression and epilepsy. Cumulatively the three disabilities reached a total of more than 67% allowing the convict to be released from prison after having served part of his sentence.

In February 2017, the former ENERGA executive was sentenced to 21 years imprisonment for embezzlement of more than €200 million by not handing over to the state the property tax ENFIA that was collected via the electricity bills in 2011 and 2012.

He was released form prison last week triggering a public outcry. Authorities jumped in and sent him back to prison in Halkida until investigation concludes.

His disability file was seized by authorities, several doctors told media that their signatures and stamps on the certifications were forged or fake.

The case was assigned to Corruption Prosecutor in Athens, who is taking under the magnifying glass each signature, stamp, dot, comma and semicolon on Floros’ disability certifications, considering they are all “suspect.”.

At the same time, the prosecutors investigates members of the KEPA, the state committee consisting of doctors who give the green light for the disability percentage.

Prosecutors investigate Floros’ lawyers as well.

The case has alerted authorities that now seek to investigate some 700 disability certifications for convicts.


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