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EU Parliament votes in favor of sanctioning Hungary for violating Rule of Law

In a historic vote, the European Parliament decided on Wednesday to initiate Article 7 and sanction one of its members, Hungary. Reason for the voting were a series of laws passed by Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban that tighten control over independence of the judiciary, freedom of unions, academics and media, the rights of minorities and migrants, and even tax inspectors.

“You punish us for our migration policy,” Orban told EP and accused the EU of interfering in the country’s domestic affair. The EU replied that Hungary is breaching EU’s core values.

After the voting, Orban’s spokesman said the vote was no valid and spoke of ‘fraud.’

The vote might end up hurting the EU.

“The vote reflected a broader divide within the EU, between those who stress that it is a community of liberal values and leaders such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has championed the idea of “illiberal democracy.” Broadly speaking, major Western European governments such as France and Germany along with the European Commission are in the former camp while governments in Central and Eastern Europe are in the latter,” notes

The ball is now in EU Commission’s and EU Council’s courts. It is up to them to carry the process forward to protect Hungary’s citizens and hold the government into account.

In theory, the Article 7 process can lead to a member country being stripped of its right to vote in the Council of the European Union. The procedure is unlikely to get that far, however, as it would require the unanimous approval of other member countries — and multiple EU governments do not view Hungary’s democratic record as problematic.

More chances are for economic sanctions against Hungary as it requires 4/5 Majority in the Council.

In October 2016, Viktor Orban has his citizens vote in a Referendum whether they would accept the EU’s percentages for refugees relocation. Hungary was to accept 1,293 refugees.

The EU was late again to react, two whole years.

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PS Hungary is also a good example why Turkey will never be an EU member under Erdogan or any other authoritarian regime.

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  1. EU values are a total, hypocritical farce. May Hungary not adopt a single fake “immigrant” no matter what the consequences. I am sorry, but after everything that has happened to Greece in the last 9 years, any Greeks that still believe in the EU are delusional! Or they have ulterior, dishonest motives.