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Varoufakis: Europe will unleash demonic political forces to recreate post-modern fascism

A nationalist and quasi-fascist force is rising up in Europe, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has warned.

In an exclusive interview with Euronews’ new Raw Politics programme, he said the continent was heading for a return to 1930s fascism.

“We are going to unleash demonic political forces that will recreate a post-modern 1930s, with a nationalist, quasi-fascist international rising up both in the United States and Europe,” Varoufakis told Tesa Arcilla. “That is exactly what has been happening.”

He was then asked if Europe had already reached this stage.

“Absolutely,” he responded.

Varoufakis interview to Euronews:

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  1. I agree with Varoufaki. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the rich capitalist they start the globalization, so they can move their business wherever they feel for cheep labour. We do not have Unions anymore world wide to support the Labour like a time ago. I still do not understand the philosophy of people/politicians. Example: There is a factory. If that factory belongs to the community all the profits will go back into this community. It will benefit everybody. But if the factory belongs to John, George wherever all the profits will go to his pocket. He or she will start to do things for his/her family not for the community. Why not to build factories/business to belong to the communities worldwide. I’m not a communist (a few people to control everybody) I like democracy. I will say i’m socialist. But many things has to change worldwide. Most important right now climate change. Other wise we are all going down on this planet. Maybe isn’t easy to do all those things. Because other to say something and other trying to do about this. Any way I believe step by step the generations today, after the next and the next…… to continue to do good things on this planet. And the most important to learn from the good and bad things from the past, so to keep only the good ones and keep going. Good luck to everybody. Thanks.

  2. The reason for the rise in nationalism in Europe is not related to globalisation. Moving a business to a poorer country doesn’t just benefit the owner of the business, it benefits the people in the poorer country who are able to get jobs and live where they are, and it benefits the consumers in Europe who get cheaper products. The problem is that economic migrants are moving into Europe in the hope of work and a better life – that’s what is giving rise to nationalism. It makes much more sense to invest in poorer countries by moving businesses there so that people don’t have to move halfway across the world to seek a better life.

  3. No Tony, your country should invest in itself and its people. Struggling nations should, surprise – help themselves, and build up their own countries! You are a part of the problem. Strangle yourself. -Signed the rational workers of the World