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Greek police arrests man for keeping French woman imprisoned

A 34-year-old man in Central Greece has been arrested and charged for abduction after he was found to have a former girl friend, a French woman, imprisoned. Together with him, also his current girl friend, a 24-year-old Greek, has been charged for collaboration in the crime.

The Greek man and the French women met through the social media on internet four years ago.

In autumn 2016, the French woman reportedly visited the man and stayed in his home in downtown of the city of Lamia.

The relationship somehow kept going on distance, they were separated for a time period then reunited again.

Upon the man’s invitation, the 40-year-old French decided again to visit Greece and even stay longer if she could find a job.

She arrived by train on Wednesday, September 12th.

Upon her arrival he took her to his home where he tied her hands and feet, closed her eyes with a scarf and her mouth with tape. He kept her in a room in the yard of a multi-story building, local media.

Although no details were made public and media speculate the man had left her mobile in the room where she was kept hostage,  the French woman managed to call her her teenager daughter and a friend in France.

According to other media, it was the woman’s father who alerted French authorities because he had no contact to his daughter.

Her father informed the French authorities, they briefed the Interpol and the Interpol alerted the Greek authorities.

According to one media scenario, authorities located the woman form the signal of her mobile phone.

In a raid on Saturday, Greek police found the woman tied and knotted in a room and put an end to her torture. She was in shock, local media report.

the man and his girl friend were arrested.

On Sunday, the man and his girl friend appeared before the judge in Lamia and asked for a few days until they can testify.

According to Alpha TV, the man works as national guard.

Police officers are investigating further if there have been other similar cases due to private footage of sexual content they found on his personal computer.

Police also investigates the circumstances under which the local young woman stays in his apartment.

The man is to be charged for abduction and his girl friend for hosting a criminal.

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