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FYROM PM Zaef violates the Prespes Agreement, says Greece

Prime Minister of FYROM Zoran Zaef violates the Prespes Agreement says Greece and criticizes him for using the name “Macedonia” instead of “North Macedonia.”

Defense Minister and Tsipras’ junior coalition government partner Panos Kammenos revealed on Monday morning that the Greek Prime Minister called Zaef and told him that he violates the Prespes Agreement.

Kammenos underlined that the FYROM Prime Minister has been constantly using the name “Macedonia” during his campaign in favor of the Referendum that will be held on September 30.

“The Prime Minister called Zaef last week and told him he violates the agreement, the same was said also by the President of the Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos,”, Kammenos said.

“The Greek government has to check how far the agreement is valid” because FYROM violates it, he said.

“Zaef does not explain to his people that his country will not be called Macedonia anymore,” he added stressing that FYORM’s Prime minister says things not included in the Agreement.

The leader of Independent Greeks is a fierce opponent of the agreement and has threatened to withdraw form the coalition government once the agreement comes to the Palriament.

Stressing that he will do everything that this agreement will not come to the Parliament, Kammenos reiterated speaking to private ANT1 TV that “if the Prespes Agreement comes to Parliament, my ministers and I will resign.”

Based on road map estimations the Agreement could come to Greek Parliament in January 2019.

Should Kammenos indeed resign, Greece may hold three elections in following May: parliamentary, municipality and for the European Parliament.

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