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Children in rage: 10-year-olds vandalize kindergarten in Thessaloniki

Three elementary school pupils in rage vandalized a kindergarten school in Lagadas Municipality by Thessaloniki in Northern Greece.

The three chilrden reportedly entered the kindergarten on Sunday afternoon and demolished everything that came under their fingers.

They broke furniture, toys and library selves, they opened the water tab in the toilets thus triggering flooding and even set a small fire in the yard.

Neighbors informed police and the fire brigades.

Police investigation nailed the minor aged perpetrators, two 10-year-olds and one 9-year-old and informed their parents.

The three children managed to sneak into the kindergarten from a window.

A case file against the three elementary school pupils has been prepared and is to be submitted to the prosecutor for crimes committed by minors.

The kindergarten remains closed until the damage is fixed, the cost will most probably burden the perpetrators’ parents.

Many wonder about how can so young children have so much rage in them.

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