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Subsidies for unleaded fuel and diesel on the islands to begin in Oct

Subsidies for fuel on the Greek islands, that is for unleaded petrol and diesel, is due to go into effect in October, Alternate Shipping and Island Policy Minister Nektarios Santorinios said on Tuesday.

In an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency’s radio station Praktoreio 104.9 FM, 

Santorinios said “We are currently in the process of legislating. Our target is October 1. The truth is that we are very close to this date and I do not know if we will manage it but this measure will begin in October.”

“It will be a measure to subsidise the cost of transporting fuel to islands, mainly based on whether the island is small or large, whether it has sufficient petrol stations or not, and its distance from urban centers.”

The goal is to achieve a maximum cost difference per litre – either for unleaded petrol or for diesel – of about 10 to 15 cents at most, the minister added.

Santorinios stressed “this means that we can avoid these outrageous differences that we saw in the summer and continue to still see in some cases.”

In the summer months of July and August, fuel prices on the islands reached even above €2 per liter in some cases.

Beginning of August, the government had hinted it was planning  to impose a price cap for fuel on the islands. The measure was never implemented.

Apparently it became clear, mid-August was already too late for such a measure and government plans changed in favor of subsidies.

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