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Animal abuse in Greece increased by 22% in last couple of years

Animal abuse in Greece has increased by 22% in the last couple of years. 870,000 animals fall victim of passive or active abuse on annual basis.

The shocking numbers were reported by state ERT TV on Tuesday, however without further details or name of source.

Not all cases of animal abuse are reported to police and therefore the official statistics by the cover just a small part of the incidents of cruelty against animals.

According to police records, 2,968 cases of animal abuse were registered in 2017 across the country, almost double from 2016 with 1,436 registered cases.

“There is one animal abuse in Komotini every week,” Thanos Karagiorgis, veterinarian at the Municipality animal shelter told media.

Komotini became of the focus of animal abuse after 7 puppies were found beheaded and left at the entrance of the small village Lampro last week.

“Those who abuse animals has a serious psychological problem and the village residents should be aware of that, that this person needs urgent psychological help,” Xanthippi  Paraskeva teacher and member of a local animal welfare society said.

According to xronos newspaper that first published the killing of puppies a total of 19 cases of animal abuse have been reported to police in the first half of 2018. However, many cases go unreported and unregistered. People are scared to report an animal abuse to police fearing they might get in trouble as well.

There is an increase of  animals poisoning in recent times, the newspaper added.

“Even abandoning animals is an abuse,” Karagiorgis said stressing that “70 dogs are abandoned each month in the prefecture.”

The phenomena are not limited in Komotini, of course.

CCTV cameras has captured a man abandoning his dog outside the vet’s in Chania on the island of Crete.

The what it seems to be a young man ties the dog outside the vet’s and leaves. He was certainly aware of the security cameras and he was wearing a helmet in order to avoid been recognized, zoosos notes.

In the village of Marmara on the island of Paros, a local found two new born puppies thrown in the garbage bin.

The puppies were just three days old.

In an another case of animal abuse a video sent to zoosos, shows a mule tied in a painful way  that enforces the poor animal to stand holding its head upright.

The video was shot at Porfyras village on the island of Andros on 13. Sept 2018.

I cannot say whether the registered cases of animal abuse increased because people are more aware in recent times and denounce them to police or the cruelty against animals increased indeed. Or both.

In a report I recently read on internet the registered cases of animal abuse sharply increased after 2013.

I cannot even say whether we hear more about animal abuses due to the possibilities the social media offer so that anyone can make public such cases.

The last case of massive animal abuse was the dozens of  starving and sick animals abandoned on an uninhabited island  in the Aegean Sea. they were rescued in a huge action by animal welfare societies. For some the help came too late.

Please, do not hesitate to report to police cases of animal abuse, if you witness one.

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  1. More animal welfare laws needed and upheld, education in animal health and care, Municipality held accountable, Neuter and speying programme Not a killing dumping, shooting poisoned, holiday makers are being put off travelling to Greece and it islands, and even the people of these many areas work tirelessly against all odds of hostility, beautiful country not beautiful for the animals heartbreaking 😭😭

  2. I put a lot of the blame for any increase in animal cruelty squarely at the door of the municipalities. In Chania and Ierapetra on Crete, the municipalities have a neutering programme for dogs and cats and they respond quickly to reports of animal cruelty. In Agios Nikolaos the police take reports of animal cruelty very seriously and they are to be applauded. The municipality however, led by a mayor who seems not to care about animal welfare at all, does nothing to help. They created a ‘shelter’ for dogs that was worse than the most disgusting place you can imagine, it was simply a dump for dogs and not a place to care for them. Many of the local vets and the (non-Greek) animal welfare groups worked long and hard to empty this ‘hell shelter’ and find safe places for all the dogs. Those of us who volunteer to help the non-Greek animal welfare groups were last year prevented by the municipality in Agios Nikolaos from holding a fun dog show in the marina. The fun dog show had the support of local vets and would have raised a lot of money to help the animal welfare groups care for stray and sick animals. The reason the municipality gave was that they couldn’t be sure that all the dogs attending would be properly vaccinated. The REAL reason is that this municipality does not care about animal welfare at all. I suspect they are not alone….

  3. Jeanette Duurvoort

    The people are ignorant and cruel, just mean disgusting people and the government is a useless puppet. They need to evolve and learn how to work within a civilized system