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Thick smog over Herakleio after fire in University premises (videos)

Strong forces of the Fire Service have been struggling since 8 o’ clock Sunday morning to extinguish the fire in the premises of the University in Herakleio, Crete. The fire reportedly stated in the basement of one of the buildings on Knossos Avenue near the Venizelio Hospital.

Police forces and ambulances have been deployed in the area.

Some 30 students were still sleeping in the dormitory next to the building where the fire started. They are all out and in safety.

The thick smog has created a suffocating atmosphere.

According to cretapost, deputy regional governor Evripidis Koukiadakis has urged residents to have their windows close to avoid respiratory problems.

Dozens of firefighters but also private and municipality water trucks have been deployed in the area, while two helicopters keep pouring water.

Police has been keeping away bystanders, due to the risk of explosions, cretalive reported.

The building on fire is prefabricated with inflammable materials and “‘ceilings made of polyurethane foam.”

The building where the fire started is next to a students’ dormitory and to the workshops of the  Museum of Natural History, where tons of pure alcohol are stored, authorities told local media.

The dormitory has  70 registered students, however many were away over the weekend, while others who start their university lives this year, have not moved yet in.

In cooperation with the dean, police is checking that no student was in the building where the fire started. No student seems to have been missing.

The causes of the fire remain unknown for the time being.

Short after 11 o’ clock the fire was taken partly under control, however, it will need still several hours until the fire extinction operation is over, private ANT1 TV reported at 1 o’ clock Sunday noon.

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