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Rouvikonas anarchists enter Church to protest halting of charity services

A group of Rouvikonas anarchists ‘raided’ a Church during the Sunday mass to protest the halting of charity services to homeless and needy.

Some 15- to 20 people entered the Church of Agios Nikolaos at 9 o’ clock Sunday morning and started to chant slogans.

They left and soon after they uploaded a statement explaining the motive of their protest.

The Church apparently is halting the services it has been offering to homeless and poor elderly for the three years during the Greek economic crisis.

“With our move, we want to make clear to the people of the parish and “name” – probably name of clergy in charge – that the people housed in the homeless facility, although they are economically inactive, they are still humans and not “garbage.”

Rouvikonas writes among others that the homeless are being blackmailed and asked to evacuate the facility without being offered alternative solutions.

“With its huge assets and properties, the Church wanted it could host thousands of homeless and needy, if it wanted to,” Rouvikonas wrote among others.

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  1. funny how almost all of these ‘activists’ declare themselves to be atheist but they dont lose a moment to clamor for more handouts they somehow ‘deserve’.