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Mediterranean Cyclone “Medicane” forecast for Ionian Sea on Friday

Meteorologists forecast a ‘Medicane’, a Mediterranean Cyclone, in the Ionian Sea on Friday, September 28th 2018. The rare phenomenon of a tropical-style cyclone occurs twice a year in the Mediterranean basin.

“There is a possibility that a relatively unusual phenomenon, a Mediterranean cyclone or ‘Medicane’, will occur in the south Ionian Sea this Friday,” the National Observatory of Athens meteorological service said on Wednesday.

Cyclones of this type occur once or twice a year in the Mediterranean.

A region of low pressure in the south Ionian sea could create a tropical-type system, giving rise to extremely high hurricane-force winds of 12 Beaufort, extremely heavy rain and the formation of an ‘eye’.

The Medicane is being formed between Sicily, South Italy and the Ionian Sea.

Success in forecasting Medicanes and especially the path they are likely to take is small but current models indicate that its strength will be significantly depleted when it reaches mainland Greece at the weekend, the statement said.

The Medicane could potentially develop into an strong CAT1 or even a CAT2 strength cyclone, I read on weather channels on social media.

CATegory 1 means Less than 125 km/h gales
CAT 2 is 125 – 164 km/h destructive winds

Greece remains in the grip of barometric low Xenophon with gale winds up to 10 Beaufort to have disrupted sea traffic and ferry boats to the Aegean Sea to remain docked at the ports.

+++ Latest Medicane Forecast Sept 27 about which regions of Greece will be hit

The Greek Civil Protection has issued a warning calling on citizens to be aware of the strong winds and take measures.

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