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Medicane Zorbas: Germans tourists abandon yacht before it crashes on rocks (vid)

A group of German tourists abandoned a yacht that was heading to the rocks of the shore of Kyparisi in Lakonia, South Peloponnese. According to the Greek Coast Guard, nine people, all German nationals, were on board of the yacht and all are well and safe.

The yacht crashed on the rocks, Greek television channels reported in the evening.

Medicane Zorbas stroke with full power the South-West Peloponnese on Saturday morning, with high waves and rough sea. Winds reportedly reached a speed of 95 km/h.

The rage of the medicane brought several boats ashore.

In another incident a 20-meter long yacht was washed ashore in a beach of bathi in Gythieo, Mani.

The Coast Guard has been informed about the incident.

Despite the several warnings by the Civil Protection and all authorities apparently some ‘sailors’ were apparently not aware that a cyclone was coming.

I just saw a report on Greek Alpha TV, where the report was telling a group of foreign tourists on a yacht in Porto Heli in Argolida to seek safety.

“There is a cyclone coming,” the reporter said.
“Really?” the ‘crew’ in the yacht responded.
“Yes, now!” the reporter said.

Majority of experienced boat owners have either brought their boats ashore or secured them properly in time.

Some were either negligent or not so lucky and must search for their boats either under the water surface or at the shore.

Port in Old Epidavros

Authorities urge citizens to stay away from the coastal areas and rivers and streams.

However, some workers were reportedly sent out to collect things belonging to a cafeteria in Kalamata – literally at the last minute. They are ‘swallowed’ by the waves.

Many regions in Peloponnese have been flooded due to the torrential rains.

So far, it looks as if the cyclone has caused damages and floods due to the volume of water coming form the sky and the sea.

All you need to know about Medicane Zorbas, its path across Greece, videos and pictures as it stroke South West Peloponnese here.

other sources: newsit.

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