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250 tourists evacuated after Medicane Zorbas caused flash floods on Skiathos

Torrential rainfalls hit the island of Skiathos as Medicane Zorbas swept over the Sporades island on Sunday. Tons of rainwater poured down and flooded several areas on the island, a favorite tourist’s destination.

At least 250 tourists were brought from small hotels and other facilities to safety in a big hotel facility in another part of the island. Majority of tourists are from Scandinavian countries, Norway and Sweden.

The areas most hit by the extreme weather are reportedly Agia Paraskevi, Koukounaries and  Troulos, and the transferred tourists were staying in these areas.

“There is no missing person,” Skiathos Mayor Dimitris Prevezanos reassured local media, after a Greek TV channel falsely claimed earlier a man on a dinghy was missing.

The heavy rainfall turned streets and roads into  rivers and swell  the streams of Agia Paraskevi and Platanias.

Municipality workers rushed to the areas with heavy machinery to open passages for the stream waters to find their way to the sea.

Video uploaded by local businessman

Mobilization of local authorities, police and fire service was quick when Medicane Zorbas stroke.

Roads in Koukounaries via local media

Local media report of a landslide of that bought several 13 pine trees on the road from Troulos to Aselinos.

Power outages in some areas that last for more than 6 hours. The power outage was caused due to a damage in a PPC-substation.

Sunday afternoon, the Sporades islands remain isolated as powerful winds hinder sea traffic. However, there is an emergency route of Proteos ferry from Skiathos to Volos at 7:45 p.m. Sunday, Sept 30 2018.

Several flights were delayed due to weather conditions.

Meanwhile, police, firefighters and rescuers are still searching for the three missing people in Mantoudi, North Evia. The area that was hit by the Mediterranean Cyclone in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Alpha TV reported on Sunday that a man in Vrahati, Corinth, suffered a heart attack and died while he was trapped inside his car in rushing waters.

Medicane Zorbas storke with full power on Saturday morning with gale force winds and torrential rains that caused flash floods all along the cyclone’s path.


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