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Missing shepherd found dead, no sign from senior couple 4 days after Medicane

A 73-year-old shepherd was found dead at a height of 1,500 m on the mountain of Almyros by Volos in central Greece on Wednesday. The man was missing since Saturday afternoon when he went up to the mountain to bring his free-ranging cows into safety due to severe weather conditions with heavy rainfall and fog.

At some point, the shepherd called his co-worker saying that he was standing in front of a stream that he could not cross.

The shepherd knew the mountain “like his hand palm” local media reported.

His body was found several kilometers away from where the last signal of his mobile phone was located. This is the reason rescue teams found him four days later, local media reported.

In Evia, the operation to find a senior couple continue also on Wednesday, however, without result.

The couple was driving from Mantoudi to another village in order help an elderly relative whose home was flooded at the night the Mediterranean Cyclone Zorbas was striking North Evia.

On Tuesday the couple’s car was found on a field and thus when the waters withdrew. The previous day, the car was not visible.

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The area is still suffering from what Medicane Zorbas left behind.

In Loutra by Aidipsos, a road suddenly crashed on Wednesday morning and ‘swallowed’ a parked vehicle, eviazoom reports.

The Fire Service was still pumping water out of homes four days later.

Several areas in Central Greece and Peloponnese have been declared in state of emergency due to the damages in households and businesses, infrastructure and agricultural land Medicane Zorbas left behind.

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