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TEI Professor arrested for bribery & other “favors” to have students pass exams

Police has arrested a professor at a Technological Education Institute, a higher education public facility in Northern Greece for blackmailing students in order to pass the lessons he was teaching and so with receive their diploma.

The 59-year-old man would either ask for either a special fee under the hand or for sexual favors by female students.

In cooperation with two other teachers, tutors in a private institute “frontistirio”, the tricky professor would force students to tutorial lessons and he would share the money with his accomplices.

Tutorial fee per lesson was between  250-400 euros and would rise to at least 1,750 euros per student as they had to pass the seven lessons the professor taught at the TEI higher education in the town of Serres.

Tutorial lessons would never take place. Following the payments, the students could pass the exams.

From those students he found attractive, the man would ask other favors.

There were cases, where the professor would force blackmail the students to do practice at a certain professional office in the town, When the practice would conclude, the students had secured their diploma.

The professor’s arrest was welcomed with a sound relief in the students’ community of the town, as the man was known for his practices since several year, however, it was difficult to bring the case to justice.

“Although we were receiving denouncements over the years,   no witness would appear and testify when needed,” a representative of the students’ union in TEI Serres told media on Wendesday.

Last year, the TEI “punished” the professor with a reprimand after a parent made an official denouncement to the Greek ombudsman. The family had to pay a total 2,250 euros in tutorials, the pensioner had complained. The professor had the student fail in nine lessons.

However, neither the dean further investigated the issue nor the Education Ministry, nor the state nor the authorities.

Video: Students boo the professor during a diploma graduation ceremony.

The professor continued his unlawful practices as nothing had happened.

Last week, two students found out that they did not manage to pass written exams in the said professor’s classes. Their request for a second review was rejected. They were offered tutorials for a certain fee instead.

Instead of paying the fees for fictive tutorials, the students sought the help of local authorities.

Police supplied them with marked banknotes. One police team arrested the two tutors red-handed, another one the professor in his TEI office.

In his home, police found 15 bank account books and equal number of mobile phones. 178,000 euros in cash, and money transfer to banks abroad with the total amount to be 148,000 euros.

The professor was reportedly practicing the fee- or sexual abuse trick for over a decade.

The professor is in custody with felony charges for blackmail and bribes, his accomplices for synergy to bribes. Police investigates whether more people were involved in the professor’s dirty network.

Now that the man has been arrested more and more and more complains arrive to police, some local media note that authorities have already ten testimonies.

The TEI can impose against him the maximum penalty which is one year suspension of duty.

He is suspended while in custody, of course.

If the students in TEI Serres are lucky, justice can lock him behind bars for a long time – and throw the key away.



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