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Tax inspectors go cyclone-hit Skiathos to catch tax evaders

Tax inspectors arrived on Skiathos on Monday, a day after the island was declared in a state of emergency due to the floods and infrastructure damages caused by the Mediterranean Cyclone, Medicane Zorbas.

The audits aimed to catch tax evaders were obviously scheduled long ago, but didn’t they know that half of the island was covered with mud and many businesses had suffered damaged?

Not only local businessmen but also the Mayor of the island reacted to the visit of the men in black on a mission to identify tax evasions.

They were supposed to stay four days but they left after the strong reactions, reports  skiathoslife.

“Didn’t they know that the island had suffer destruction the previous day?” the local news website adds.

The island was hit with torrential rains on Sunday.

Flash floods damaged more than 100 businesses mainly in the villages Agia Paraskevi, Koukounaries, Troulo and Kolio.

The water reached a height of one meter, and when it withdrew, tons of mud were left behind covering roads, cars, hotel  and household equipment.                 .

Several hotels and accommodation facilities were flooded and 250 tourists were transferred to other parts of Skiathos.


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