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New regulations in Greece’s telecommunications incl €150 monthly cap

Greece’s telecommunications watchdog EETT has issued new regulations with regards to contracts of landlines and mobile phones connections. They regulations aim to protect consumers from hidden charges and lack of transparency in contracts with telecommunication providers.

According to the new regulations, consumers will be able to exit a contract earlier and without paying a fee as fine if there are unilateral changes in the contract incl higher charges.

The EET sets also a cap on all kinds of communications, kathimerini reported. As of 1. 1.2019, a monthly cap of 150 euros will be imposed on communications via mobile phones.  When this ceiling is reached, the consumer will have to contact the provider and ask the raise of the bill in order to continue communications.

The 150-euro cap includes tax and fees and concerns all communications via phone calls, texting, data transfer etc.

This measure aims to protect consumers from paying extra charges they were not aware of.

The cap has been set after consultations between telecommunication providers and consumer groups.

Other regulations refer to:

Extension of deadline for termination of contract: Increase the time limit for termination of a fixed / unlimited contract in the event of a unilateral change of the contractual terms or tariffs by the provider.

Over-bandwidth notification of mobile programs: The mobile subscriber is required to be notified when it exceeds 80% of the minutes / SMS / MB of the prepaid service program or package. Specifically, for MB, it is also required, and when 100% of the volume has been consumed.

Automatic credit on subscriber’s accounts: If the problem or outage exceeds two working days from the day of its declaration, the portion of the asset corresponding to the period of interruption of the services provided must be credited automatically within four months to subscriber’s account.

Free calls for connection problems from any network: In the event of a problem with the phone line, the subscriber can call, without charge, from all fixed and mobile networks the customer service of the provider.

More flexibility in how to file a contract complaint: A subscriber may terminate the contract either at the provider’s premises or by sending a letter /fax or e-mail. Service provision should be interrupted within two business days for mobile phone lines and eight for landlines -unless the consumer has requested a specific date.

Prohibition of termination / renewal fee: The provider may not impose a fee for disconnection or re-connection for either a contract of indefinite duration or a prepaid connection. It is also forbidden to impose a renewal fee for a new fixed-term contract on an existing subscriber with an open-ended contract.


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