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Of “Greek Aryan Race” with a history of 13 million years…

“In this holy place, the prototype, the Euro-Mediterranean type, the Greek, the White, the representative of the Aryan race was born 13 million years ago,” writes Vasileia Stergiopoulou in the introduction of her book “Prehistoric Times” about what she calls the “Greek Aryan Race.”

She claims to clarify that “Aryan means the brilliant and the prominent who has no relationship with the Asian and the African prοτο-humans.”

In her theory the Greeks, the Hellenes, are descendants of Hellen, the first born of mythical figure Deucalion, son of Promitheus.What if respectable scientists worldwide estimate the so-called Deucalion’s Flood to have taken place approximately in 1500 BC.

For teacher Stergiopoulou and her very Greek Aryan Race evolution theory, the great apes of hominae, that appeared on earth 10 million years ago were …Greek. And Aryans.

Who exactly is Vasileia Stergiopoulou and what scientific qualifications she has to claim that the proto-Greek – apologies! – the proto-Hellene appeared on earth 3 millions of years before the apes and that he is therefore superior to the other races? I can’t really tell you – and honestly I don’t feel like finding out.

Fact is  that the very Greek “evolutionist” Stergiopoulou became in the focus of a first class scandal with severe political impact.  It was found out that she was teaching her supremacy Alt-Hellenism theory of the “Greek Aryan race” to a private school owned by the vice president of New Democracy Adonis Georgiadis.


“The first Greek was born here 13 million years ago, here he did great things. There is no other Aryan race, there is no Indo-European race, don’t fall into this trap,” Stergiopoulou urges her students. “The Aryan is Greek, irrespective if some others have stolen our symbols, have appropriated the Aryan race.” she adds hinting to the Nazis and their Aryan race emblem, the swastika.

The modern alt-Hellenes, the Golden Dawn included, consider the Swastika as a copy paste of the ancient Greek meander or meandros, the decorative border motif that appeared in pottery 900 BC-700 BC. Who cares if the international scientific community sees in the Nazi emblem the religious icon from the cultures of Eurasia, a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions and East Asian religions with a 12-year-old history? Alt-Ηellenes do not.

When the video with Stergiopoulou’s “enlightening” teaching about the Greek Aryan Race as posted on Twitter over the weekend, a real shit storm broke out.

Georgiadis defended her approach writing that it was her opinion, that he was against censorship in his school “Hellenic Upbringing” which most likely aims to blow Greeks’ mind with pseudo-scientific bubbles of a glorious past – and to make them forget their miserable present.

“These views on paleontology [sic!] are known to those who are engaged with the issue since in years and are the subject of a scientific dispute (see Aris Poulianos). Are we going to apply censorship now?” Georgiadis replied to prominent journalist Paschos Madravelis who commented on the Greek Aryan race theory  “This is not Hellenic Upbringing, this is a stupid and stench upbringing.”

Aris Poulianos was a paleontologist and he founder of the Greek Anthropological Society. He had  a decades-long dispute [with whom?] about the age of the scull  found in the cave of Petralona in Halkidiki peninsula in 1959. The one school claimed the scull – and the attached body – lived 700,000 ago, the other school claim both scull and body lived 200,000 ago.

The scull from Petralona may have belonged to a  h0mo neandertalensis (200,000 years ago) or a homo erectus (1.8 – 1.3 million years ago) or to a homo creature that lived 400,000 years ago – yet for sure this homo did not speak Greek and most probably did not speak at all with the exception of some sounds in the direction of “argh” and “ugh”.

Of course, between 700,000 years and 13 million years, if we believe Stergiopoulou’s Greek Aryan Race theory, there is a huge gap, but when it comes to prove the unprovable, facts and arithmetic don’t matter.

It is all about theories imparted by braggart teachers to ignorant but like-minded students.

To make the long story short, as the shit storm did not calm down but continued with the same intensity Adonis Georgiadis stopped supporting his ‘teacher’ and announced:

“Mrs Stergiopoulou stopped her lesson following my own decision,” he twitted.

Needless to say that many suspected the leader of New Democracy behind Georgiadis’ “own decision” as the issue was getting more and more ridiculous and was throwing a very ugly light also to all politicians of the christian conservative party of which the man is vice president.

However, the man is determined and self-righteous in defending the undefended and could not let it go.

Adonis Georgiadis could not let it go. And how could he? Before being embraced by New Democracy in February 2012, he was an MP of Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) and bookseller who was promoting an anti-semitism book.”

He kept defending the glorious alt-Hellenes theories and went to far to adopt claims also on Tuesday, claims we have heard by the neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn.

“If somebody puts swastikas on his garden fence will be awful. But if you see swastikas on the fence of the Numismatic Museum that was Schliemann’s home you will know that it is a Mycenaean symbol and not from Hitler. In the same sense, Aryan here has the character of indigenous,” Georgiadis tweeted to another journalist who criticized Stergiopoulou’s theories.

Somewhere he also claimed that he was not aware of Stergiopoulou’s Greek Aryan Race theories or her Antisemitism. She has posted in 2011 “There was never an Aryan race, it was just an invention by the Zionist-Jews, the most hateful enemies of the Greek nation.” And that’s the reason he stopped her lessons, he claimed. Not because of the huge publicity and the outrage.

Media proved he was fully aware of Stergiopoulou’s theories.

Now many expect from New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis to take a crucial decision. Will he? I doubt it.

Fact is also that some found Stergiopoulou’s 13-million-old Greek history very inspiring.

PS In front of evolution forgery and fables, of bottomless bigotry and shameless antisemitism, I am sure real scientists must feel bewildered, are ready to tear their diplomas apart and give up.

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