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What does a baby turtle do in the middle of a busy land road?

A policeman is seen to get on his knees on a what it seems a land road in Northern Greece. He reaches out and takes a tiny something in his hand.

A baby turtle that was trying to cross a busy road.

The turtle was taken to a safe natural environment, news portal kozanilife notes.

The pictures were released by the General Directorate of Greek Police in West Macedonia.

The policeman belongs to the mobile Unit of Police in Kastoria.

The Greek Police tries to promote a more extrovert and a more social sensitive image via the social media.

Greek police has organized several seminars and conference on animal abuses in Greece in an effort to raise awareness of the problem among its officers.

PS If police takes also serious every report about animal abuse in Greece, we are fine on this specific issue.

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  1. It’s not a turtle, it’s a tortoise, they live on the land. As for land road, is there any other kind?