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Corfu: Locals and tourists evacuated after piles of garbage burst into flames

Locals and tourists were evacuated from the village Viggla on the island of Corfu on Tuesday after the piles of garbage left on the side of a land road burst into flames.

The fire broke out at noon in the area of Koulouras and spread quickly due to the strong winds.

30 firefighters with 12 fire trucks form the Fire Service and the Civil Protection, 4 aerial means and two rescue teams rushed in the area, however, the nature was stronger.

Thick smoke filled with garbage gasses covered the area, 15 villas and tourists facilities were evacuated for preventive reasons.

Late in the evening, the blaze eased and the evacuees were able to return to their homes and rented rooms.

Roads surrounding the area of Koulouras remained closed to traffic due to the thick smoke covering the area.

The fire was taken under control on Wednesday morning after it burned down estimated 100 acres.

The garbage issue on the island has long gone out of control with tons of garbage to be deposited on make-shift “landfills” just right on the sides of the roads.

“The situation is beyond tolerable levels and citizens’ indignation is huge due to the volume of accumulated garbage in every area of south, central and north Corfu,” writes local media CorfuTV.

Wearing surgical masks and holding banners reading “Collect the Garbage”, high school students and parents staged protests in an effort to raise awareness for the problem and the health issues is causes. Then the bags with garbage are also deposited outside schools.

The creation of a new landfill in Leykimmi meets locals’ resistance.

The garbage problem has turned one of the Greece’s top tourists’ destinations into a huge landfill.

The persistence of the problem angers not only locals but also expats living on the island.

In a plea to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, a British national who has been living on the island for more than 20 years, invited Alexis Tsipras to Corfu to see how the island is going down.

The plea was posted exclusively on KTG and found positive feedback among readers.

But Tsipras’ reaction was zero. Of course.

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