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Three migrant women found to have been stabbed to death near Evros river

The bodies of three women who had allegedly illegally entered Greece were found stabbed to death near the Evros river, the natural border between Greece and Turkey.

The bodies were found on an agricultural land plot near the village of Praggi by Didymoteicho by a local at Wednesday noon.

According to media, the local first discovered the body of one woman and informed the police.

When police officers arrived and searched the surrounding area, they found the bodies of the other two women nearby.

According to preliminary media report, the women where stabbed to death.

There has been no official briefing by the police so far.

A coroner arrived at the plot to investigate whether the women fell victim of a crime and when this happened.

There is a huge mobilization of police and security forces in the area.

According to latest media reports, the women were 15 to 25 years old and had injuries on their throats.

It is the first time, that such an incident is being reported in Greece.

Greek media already attribute the crime the has yet to be confirmed to human traffickers saying that “traffickers have gone out of control.”

They alleged that traffickers tried to abuse the women or that the two parties disagree on some issue like the price of the illegal trasnfer to Greece. Or even that the traffickers tried to rob them.

The Evros river  the route that many migrants prefer to cross form Turkey into Greece.

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