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Extremists behind the savage murder of 3 migrant women at Evros river?

The first autopsy on the bodies of thee women found stabbed to death at the Evros river has been concluded and the findings are shocking.

All three women were stabbed in the throat, one of them had additional injuries on her chest.

Two of the women were tied with ropes in the hands and legs.

One of the woman is estimated to be 35 years old, one 18-20 and the third a minor of approximately 15.

Under one of the bodies a knife of military type was found, a teeth knife normally used by hunters and divers.

Also a mobile phone has been found. It is so far not clear whether it belongs to the victims or the perpetrators.

The victims were murdered 4 to 5 days before theirs bodies were discovered in an agricultural plot in the village of Prangi, 50 meters from the Evros river Wednesday noon.

“I have never seen anything like that in the 18 years of my profession,” coroner Pavlos Pavlidis was quoted by local media.

The bodies bore the same deep injuries in their throats, they were dressed with her clothes.

Police has refrained so far from disclosing suggestions about the nationalities of the victims. According to some media, the women were of “Middle East” or of “Asian origin” and were probably related to each other. DNA tests are expected to confirm whether the victims were “a mother and her two daughters” as some media claimed.

No personal documents or other identification papers were found.

Authorities seem to exclude the motive of robbery as personal items were found.

The area where the bodies were found is known to be used as passage by human traffickers for illegal entries from Turkey to Greece.

A proper autopsy is to be conducted in Alexandroupolis hospital on Friday.

The knife has been taken to police laboratories to be examined on DNA sample and fingerprints.

According to Greek media, the method suggests the unprecedented crime was committed by either members of a paramilitary group active in the area or extremists who had crossed into Greece together with them. Some even suggest, it was committed by Jihadists as “their throats were cut through.”

There is a huge mobilization of police and army in the area.

However, residents of Prangi and surrounding villages are concerned knowing that the murderers maybe be going around free.

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