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Manager of famous Kolonaki cafe arrested for stealing electricity UPD

Police officers have arrested the manager of a prominent coffee bar visited mostly by local  politicians and established  journalists in Kolonaki districts of downtown Athens close to the Parliament.

Together with members of the Greek Electricity Distributor  Network Operator DEDHE,  police officers reportedly went to the busy coffee bar short around noon time on Tuesday.

An audit conducted by the DEDHE electricians revealed that the power meter had reordered zero consumption.

They discovered that the coffee bar was stealing electricity from another shop.

It should be noted that the raid followed a denouncement about the power stealing.

According to media reports, the famous coffee bar located in the surrounding area of Kolonaki Square was paying to power provider only 1/3 of  the real electricity consumption

Police sought the owner of the coffee bar but as he was absent, arrested the 40-year-old manager.

The manager was taken to police station at Syntagma and case file was formed and sent to prosecutor. The manager was released.

Police investigates for how long the famous coffee bar was stealing electricity, while the DEDHE investigates the total damage before issuing a fine.

In a statement on Friday, the DEDHE said “examination of the records of the power meter  confirms that the illegal power supply had been going on for the last 5 years” and that “the estimated value of the power consumption was over 40,000 euros.”

PS if the rich and famous steal electricity what should we, the commoners, do?

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