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The Mafia Challenge: Sugar sachets by Greek company trigger outrage in Naples

Mafia stereotypes that insulted a whole city: Marlon Brandon as The Godfather, a pistol and the phrase “Live dangerously in Naples” on sugar sachets produced and distributed by Greek company “Coffeland Ltd” triggered an outrage in Italy and forced the company owner to stop the advertising campaign.

The face of Marlon Brando in the guise of Godfather Vito Corleone, a pistol and the portrait of Diego Maradona decorate sugar sachets produced and distributed by Greek company “Coffeland Ltd.” To make the cliche even more provocative, the phrase “NAPOLI Vivere pericolosamento” -Live dangerously in Napoli – was stamped on each and every sugar sachet supposed to be part of the Coffeland advertising campaign.

The sugar sachets were reportedly  distributed on Greek islands of Mykonos in the Aegean and Corfu on the Ionian Sea that is visited by hundreds of thousands of Italian tourists every year.

It didn’t take long and the coffee turned bitter, the sugar sachets had tons of venom pouring by vero Napolitani. A huge outrage broke out social media. Neaplotans lashed out at Coffeland Ltd, at Greece and at the whole Greek nation with heavy insults that cannot be posted here.

“Guns, Mafia and Maradona. This is the image Greeks have of Naples,” wrote Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.A coffee that the company will now have to drink bitter: the general manager, Stavros Giaitzakis, was forced by the public outrage and protests of the Italian community to order the stop of the sachets distribution,” the newspaper added.

The Hellenic Community of Napoli and La Campania issued a statement on Saturday “strongly condemning the advertising campaign based on outdated and offensive stereotypes tarnishing the name of Naples and its citizens.”

The Community urged Coffeland to replace the incriminating images with the picture of Vesuvio volcano, the Church of San Gennaro and the phrase “Love at First Sight.”

They invited Coffeland owner, Stavros Giaitzakis, to visit Naples on community expenses and “savor the beauties of the city.”.

After the outrage, Giaitzakis has reportedly apologized to all Napolitan citizens saying the company’s intention was not to defame or discredit Naples. He told Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli that the ordered the stop of trade and distribution of the “anti-Naples” sachets.

PS it looks that not only God has mysterious ways but also “creatives” at advertising companies and marketing and public relations.

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